RSD 2019

Record Store Day 2019 preview – Janis Joplin Live at Woodstock 17th August 1969

Janis Joplin, the late, great beautiful soul that was Janis Joplin.  Originally the lead singer with San Fransisco psychedelic rock band Big Brother & the Holding Company, then a hugely successful, albeit short solo career until her untimely death in 1970 that would put her as one of the founder members of the 27 club.

Janis Joplin was a one off, a true musical legend, now I know that kind of word gets banded around quite a bit, mostly without weight behind it and often regarding artists that die young but but with Janis Joplin, never a true word was spoken.

She was a rebel at times and she seemed to relish going against the grain but she was always pure and true to herself and she had one of the most unique voices you will ever be lucky enough to hear.

In 1967,  Joplin’s appearance at the Monterey Pop Festival was the start of her rise to stardom with high profile fans such as Mama Cass being “blown away”, then fast forward to 1969 and arguably the greatest festival on earth…….. Woodstock!

As a solo artist, Janis Joplin was on top of the world at Woodstock, just weeks before the release of her debut album, she played a set with 2 encores until 2am to adoring fucked up fans in a year and at a festival where we all wished we could be, maybe that’s what The Chief – Noel Gallagher had in mind when he wrote “and she smells like 1969”

Well, we might not have been lucky enough to be there, we might not have been lucky enough to be alive when Janis Joplin was at the height of her powers but thank the fucking lord for vinyl and thank the fucking lord for Record Store Day 2019 because us ordinary folk like us are in with a chance to own a piece of history for the first time on vinyl, as CMG/Legacy are releasing Janis Joplin Live at Woodstock 1969, exclusively for Record Store Day 2019.

If you don’t know Janis Joplin, if you have’t heard Janis Joplin, beg, steal and pillage to get yourself to your local record store (fuck British rail for a day – more money to spend on vinyl) and be the first in line to bag yourself a copy of one of the most monumental live sets from a TRUE LEGEND.


As ever, support your local record store and get down for Record Store Day 2019.

Peace and love as per x

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