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No Christmas without Cabbage!

The generation before will always tell you how hard it was, especially at Christmas, with tales of lumps of coal and ripe oranges to further yarns spun of family feuds and an annus horribilis from our very own Queen’s lips.

Doom and gloom has often met the musical Christmas years since Bob Geldof started taking the fun away from it, not to mention the terrible rehashes of the latter years as we are still reminded of what the starving millions would give for a ripe orange, sung so bitterly by poorly rehearsed soap stars who have probably never known such hardship.

In recent times, many have tried to restore our faith in the Christmas songs we love, the Darkness came close all this years ago as they attempted to restore our faith in a musical Christmas, The Courteeners smashed it with the sublime “Winter Wonderland” raising money for Shelter, a cause much closer to home, but as the time has rolled by and the brains of our future are locked in a virtual world of non-reality tv Christmas no 1’s and cover versions of already shit songs by artists formerly known as artists sprouting that rock n’ roll is dead and blah blah blah……well, for you my little darlings there is some breaking news for that that will hit you like a snow plough to the genetalia ……. ROCK N’ ROLL IS HERE TO STAY and it’s never been away.

Our land is full of rock n’ roll royalty both old and new, our faith as fans in rock n’ roll hasn’t died and will never die AND NOW, our faith in the new musical Christmas can be restored thanks to a large side of Cabbage!!! The Mossley boys have done it and given us what can only be described by our very own Ma Windsor as an annus mirabilis . “Smells Like Christmas” takes you in a whimsical Christmas market fairground and fills you with all the roasted chestnuts and shots with your mulled wine as “we dance and we dance and we dance around ……Everybody’s looking for the perfect holiday, we won’t be satisfied until it snows” you heart will be refilled with musical faith as one of the most important bands of our time remind us simply but brilliantly that ….. “it smells, it smells, it smells like Christmas”

Hallelujah and braise be to Cabbage!

Listen to “Smells like Christmas” here :

Also available on the usual online formats

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