RSD 2018 vinyl

RSD 2018 – Black Friday Special – Ramones!

Okay, so take out the sell out shit that is some online appliances advert that means every c*nt is a Ramones fan, take away the t-shirt and condom merchandise and strip it back ….. waaaaaaay back, Ramones were/are (we still listen to them so as far as I’m concerned its present tense) a fucking quality punk rock band from New York:  guitars, drums, singer, little production and great fucking tunes, oh and play it loud, like way past 11!.

Unfortunately I was too young to see this pioneering band live, but live is where it’s at and luckily for us for the first time on vinyl as it’s own entity, Ramones live in Glasgow can be yours if you are lucky enough to be out and about on Black Friday to grab one of the 6500 copies.  A stunning 2LP, 180g vinyl is up for grabs, featuring songs from all three studio albums such “Judy Is A Punk”, “Gimmie Shock Treatment” and “California Sun” is an absolute must for any fan, collector and general lover of raw fucking brilliance!

Get your condoms here ……….




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