Record Store Day 2020 Preview – Supergrass: Caught By The Fuzz

Well this is one way to endear yourself to the youth culture of the mid-nineties, a debut track that recalls an earlier childhood incident from Gaz Coombes with the cozzers and one hell of a debut song.  Commercially not recognised as only charting outside the Top 40 but that’s not altogether a bad thing, after all some of the greatest songs and albums of all time wouldn’t know what the Top 40 was if it jumped up and smacked them round the record sleeve with a rainbow trout.

“Caught By The Fuzz” is one hell of an entrance from the opening Sex Pistols inspired riff that won’t let you go like a stock-piling family of one, with their grubby hands on the last pack of toilet roll.   It tells the story of a young man (Master Coombes)  getting caught with some adult sweets, a night in the cell, a visit from his mum wishing it was his brother and he didn’t go out after all.  A riotous track that fully deserves it’s limited edition Record Store Day 2020 release on unique 10″ coloured speckled vinyl featuring an acoustic version and 2 other tracks.

It may have been the start of a Britpop era but this has roots of punk, a modern day “I Fought the law” maybe?

Get your hands on it this June (hopefully) and you are in for a treat

Peace & Love as per x


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