Creation 23 & This Feeling present Young Garbo & Rubber Jaw PLUS The Clockworks and The Rezner ” The Social

April 16th saw Creation 23 / This Feeling’s return to The Social at Little Portland Street with all proceeds going to the fantastic Musicians Against Homelessness Charity.  Headliners Young Garbo and Rubber Jaw took the mini week-long tour around the country, both bands of whom are no strangers to The Social with support from The Rezner and The Clockworks, a night that promised to reiterate Alan McGee’s statement that “New Guitar Music is great again and I’m fucking buzzing”

Kicking off the night were the beautifully strident The Rezner band, hailing from Cornwall, the band are a far cry from the idillic South West holiday setting, seeming more at home in the small confines of The Social where they brought the fucking house down with loud, slap you in your face, put you on the floor and get right back up again because you fucking love it tunes ensuring the night got off to the perfect start.

Enter small stage right and …… The Clockworks….. Creation 23’s latest signing to the already growing stable of fantastic UK indie bands, hailing from Galway – James McGregor, Seán Connelly, Damian Greaney & Tom Freeman are the four piece that you will be hearing a helluva lot more of and there is a reason for that …… You are going to be hearing more about them because they are insanely fucking good.  The buzz could be heard around The Social before, during and after there set – I don’t think I have ever heard the phrase “What a great fucking band” so many times in the space of 30 minutes, including myself uttering the phrase to everyone that would hear me and many who couldn’t because they were in there own little world, their minds just trying to fathom what they had just witnessed.  The Clockworks are a band for a new generation, a new generation hell bent on making Alan McGee correct in his statement last year and a band clearly dedicated to proving that UK guitar music is not just fucking great again but we are putting it firmly back on the map where there has been such a big hole for so many years.   If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself:


The perfect compliment to The Clockworks was one of Creation 23’s first signings in Rubber Jaw, the perfect accompaniment as the melodic Rubber Jaw glide through their catalog with ease of a band that have been bouncing off each other for decades.  Beautifully crafted, experimental and just fucking great tunes.  It’s easy to see how Rubber Jaw have been catching the attention of the UK’s media for the months that come before us.  Creation have got a gem on their hands with these guys and with 2 beautiful looking vinyls out already, 2019 sees no signs of slowing down.   Grab these stunning vinyls over at Creation 23’s store here:

Onto the last of the evening and present and correct at The Social and there clearly to put the biggest fucking cherry on top of this Rock n’ Roll cake is a band who I have previously waxed lyrical about on the website (See and, well, to anyone that will fucking listen really.  Young Garbo feels like “our band”, you know a band for me, a band for you, a band for us …. A band that can take us through this messed up life without the need to talk politics and pieces of shit news.  Young Garbo are a band that unites us a fans of rock n’ roll and let’s us get on with the things in life we enjoy ….. You know, the actual fucking music because that’s what its all about right? Listening to natural born singer and frontman Garyn Williams and having a dance to Arwel Brown’s sublime disco punk guitar’s with the perfect back up from Levi and Milo …… I’m telling you – this is all you need to help you through life.

Young Garbo did what they also do at The Social and at every bus stop, toilet, pub and great independent music venue around the UK and what they promise to do festival-ling their way through the Summer of 2019 and fucking smashing it!  It’s just just great punk, indie music that you need to hear, they will change your life for the better and for that I have no doubt.  Check out a bit of “Faustus” @ The Social here:

“Faustus” on beautiful vinyl can also be found on Creation 23’s website here:

With Creation 23′ growing list of signings, Alan McGee may well be single handedly putting great fucking guitar music back in it’s rightful place at the top of the musical landscape and shutting up the mundane shit the terrorises the young of today for a long while yet.

Creation 23 and This Feeling presented Rubber Jaw with Young Garbo with special guests The Rezner & The Clockworks for the fantastic charity Musicians Against Homelessness, a charity determined to help get people of the streets and give them opportunity and a life to enjoy.  Details of the charity can be found here :

Peace and Love, As per x

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