Creation 23 present Guy Chadwick @ The Social

Guy Chadwick, ……. some of you (us) with age not so much on your side will remember Guy as singer/songwriter/guitarist from the quite fucking brilliant band, House of Love. Fans from far and wide will know his solo work BUT what every single fan of great music should know is that Guy Chadwick is a massively underrated songwriter.  So it may be circumstance, it may be bad timing or it maybe that you just need to open your ears but the truth will out …. trust me!

Those of you that know House of Love will know, those of you that have heard “Shine On”, even if they don’t know House of Love ….. will know, however you need to listen clear, because it ain’t all about “Shine On”, it ain’t all about House Of Love – It’s about Guy Chadwick and great songwriting is what he was brought here to do.

Now, if you didn’t really know Guy Chadwick and you were lucky enough to be at Creation 23’s February offering at The Social, then, like me you would have been absolutely fucking blown away by the talent of this man.  I wasn’t just blown away by the singer, the guitarist with his new Martin acoustic guitar but just how gifted he is as a songwriter.  I mean the set-list was condensed in what we heard from the back catalogue, I mean, I could have stood for fucking days in the quite sublime venue that is The Social on Little Portland Street with the die hard fans (even from across the globe) not to mention the passers by and regular Social-ites.  I could have spent my days fully immersed in all that was this Guy Chadwick set-list …… I didn’t want it to end, suffice to say he brought the fucking house down and I am sure the screams, cries and wails of adoring fans set the alarms off on the surrounding retail streets of our great capital city! This was Creation and Creation 23 coming together in perfect symphony.

Creation 23’s nights at The Social have already lodged a special place in my heart, the new talent on show already prove (if it was even needed!) that Alan McGee is happy to be back at the forefront of great new music.  Already I have been lucky enough to see the fantastic Novus and Nadia Sheikh, not to mention possibly the UK’s most exciting new band in Young Garbo and the supremely talented singer songwriters Christian Pattemore and Chris Grant who supported Guy Chadwick on another epic night at The Social, not to mention existing signing Rubber Jaw, Juggs and new Blackburn signing The Illicits who I cannot wait to hear more of given Creation AND Creation 23’s track record!

Backed up by Creation 23’s nights at The Social is Alan McGee’s quest to put records out again in the form of 7″ singles …. which let’s be honest is just FUCKING MEGA! Juggs and Rubber Jaw are available now, Young Garbo release “Faustus/Things D” on 8th March (available now on pre-order) and a wealth of talent to come, this is an exciting time for great fucking music …… check out the Creation 23 website to get your hands on all of the above

So Roll on the next one and on behalf of me, myself and I …… Thank you eternally to Alan McGee, Creation 23, The Social and the people that make all of this happen, and not just at The Social, I’m talking about the countless music venues that need to survive, the people, the bands, the passers by, the well to-do’s and down and outs, the artists, the fans and the ones who know …….. Keep on keeping on ….. until next time





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