mono-Ton vinyl store, Nuremberg

Don't you just fucking love it .......


Don’t you just fucking love it when you stumble across a vinyl store, even better, a vinyl store in a country other than that of  your own, especially when it’s rammed to the pine with old and new vinyls in mint condition and prices that don’t make your privates wince.

mono-Ton inside the old town walls of Nuremberg is an absolute gem of a place, spinning vinyl, with a cafe inside, an array of turntables and specialist speakers for sale and some absolutely belting vinyl inside and out.  It’s a chilled-out place without pressure selling vinyls from the obligatory Kraftwerk demos (this is Germany after all) to Dr. Dre and everything in between.  I walked away with an original “Beatles For Sale”, A live “Colosseum” LP,  “Deep Purple’s “Fireball”” record and “Rough Times” by Berlin rock trio Kadavar (If you like Black Sabbath, you’ll probably get turned on to these guys)…….. Oh and I always make it a mission of mine to make a purchased based on either a hunch, an album cover OR even just a name, mono-Ton’s special for me sounded like it had to be nothing short of amazing ……..  Love, Peace and Poetry, Chilean Psychedelic Music, Various artists!

So if you are ever passing Nuremberg OR your partner drags you to one of those Christmas markets full of cheap tat for the relatives, remember to make a stop at mono-Ton and get a treat for yourself.

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